Explanation of Phrases in Testnet Accounting Menu

3 min readJan 18, 2022

AuroraFS testnet version 1.2.2. has been updated and welcome to download the latest version and run it.

With this new version, we bring you the following new features:

  • Traffic accounting feature. Any traffic that passes through the nodes will be managed in the form of a cheque.
  • Users can convert cheques into traffic tokens.
  • The traffic contract and Oracle contract will be updated, while the Oracle bots in Discord will be disabled.
  • Dashboard integrates Oracle registration features.

Explanation of phrases in Accounting Menu


The key fields in the Chequebook are explained below:

Total Balance: The balance of this account

Available Uncommitted Balance: Available Balance = Total Balance -Outstanding Cheques; when the available balance is 0, no more traffic can be acquired

Total Sent: The total number of cheques sent out

Total Received: The total number of cheques received

BNB Testnet Balance: The test coins collected at the BSC Testnet, which are used for file registration and cheque exchange


The key fields in the Peers form are explained below:

Peer: The hash of node that has traffic transactions with this node

Outstanding Balance: The outstanding balance, which indicates the portion of traffic that has not formed cheques. The threshold for cheque formation is 1M. When the traffic does not reach 1M, no cheque will be generated, but it will be recorded under this field

Settlements Sent: The total number of cheques I sent to this node

Settlements Received: The total number of cheques I received from this node

Total: The total of my cheque transactions with this node (including the outstanding balance)

Uncashed Amount: The amount of cheques that have not been exchanged

Cashout: Exchange the cheques for traffic coins

A negative number indicates indicates what I spent (or what I will spend); while a positive number indicates what I received (or what I will receive)


Assuming that my total balance is 1.000000000, and I have not sent out any cheques (i.e. I owe no money), then the available balance is also 1.00000000.

First of all, clarify the conversion relation between traffic coins and traffic:

1 token=1x10⁹ KB, approximately equal to 1T

1 kb = 0.000000001 token


When I download a 1280KB (1024KB+256KB) file from the traffic provider (for ease of understanding, we try to keep the model simple and assuem that the traffic provider has only one node), then I will send a cheque of 1024KB to the traffic provider (the threshold for cheque formation is 1M, or 1024KB), which is 0.000001024,and the fields above will change as follows:


Traffic Receiver



Total balance: 1.000000000 (The peer hasn’t exchanged the cheques)

Available Uncommitted Balance: 0.999998976(1–0.000001024)

Total Sent: 0.000001024

Total Received: 0

BNB Testnet Balance: 0


Peer: The peer’s node hash

Outstanding Balance: -0.000000256

Settlements Sent:-0.000001024

Settlements Received: 0

Total: -0.000001280

Uncashed Amount: 0


Traffic Provider (Assuming that the total balance of traffic provider is 0)



Total balance: 0

Available Uncommitted Balance: 0

Total Sent: 0

Total Received: 0.000001024

BNB Testnet Balance: 0


Peer: The peer’s node hash

Outstanding Balance: 0.000000256

Settlements Sent:0

Settlements Received: 0.000001024

Total: 0.000001280

Uncashed Amount: 0.000001024 (The “Cashout” button will only appear when this value is greater than 0)

For the detailed cashout process, please refer to the instructional video

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