Second stage Airdrop performance launch — Procedures and Rules

4 min readDec 16, 2021

The second stage performance Airdrop event is officially launching today 16 December, 9pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Event Procedures:

1. Update the Game version to 1.2.1, and deploy the node

2. Open the dashboard, and receive your test coins in the “Accounting” interface

3. Enter the domain name “dgames.aurora” in the file interface of the dashboard, and click “Download” to load the game

4. Play the game, and then submit your game score onto the chain

5. You need to capture a screenshot of the successful submission of the game score, and then send it to as an attachment

Event Rules

1. Each player can submit up to three scores per round, and the system selects the highest score submitted on the day for statistics of the ranking list

2. After the game is over, if you are not satisfied with your score, you may not submit it

3. After submitting the score, you need to send a screenshot of the game score to email address: as an attachment

4. One round is for every 30,000 blocks (approximately one day). The 1st place gets 200 tokens, the 2nd place gets 100 tokens, the 3rd place gets 50 tokens, the 4th to 10th places each gets 20 tokens, and each one after the 10th place gets 5 tokens. All the top three hundred players will be rewarded.

5. The ranking list demonstrates the account information of top 10 for each round

6. If someone is found cheating, the account will be cleared

7. The event cycle consists of 10 rounds, 300,000 blocks per round


Be sure not to delete the “Keys” directory, as your secret key information is stored inside and rewards will be sent based on your key at the end of the event.


Failed to submit the game score

1. The score you’ve just submitted is lower than the score you submitted before in this round

2. The number of submissions is greater than 3 in this round

Startup Tutorial

I. Windows Startup Tutorial

1. Download address:

1.1 Open your browser to enter the following screen

1.2 Download the Windows zip file

2. Uncompress

2.1 Right-click the zip file to extract it

3. Launch a node

4. Open your browser to access the dashboard and change the browser configuration

You can easily and quickly access the dashboard page by visiting the following URL directly. For more details, please visit:

4.1 If you visit the page of, please change the settings of chrome://flags, search for Block insecure private, and ensure that “Block insecure private network requests” is disabled.

4.2 If you visit the page of, please make sure to reset your browser’s privacy and site settings to allow the insecure content.

5. Get test coins from Faucet

5.1 Log into dashboard, click “Accounting”, and then click “BSC Testnet Faucet” to get test coins:

5.2 Cope the Account Address and paste it into the Faucet website. You can only access it once a day.

6. Copy the game’s domain name

6.1 Check out the file hash at this URL, and copy the game’s domain name “dgames.aurora”

6.2 Paste the domain name “dgames.aurora” here (without spaces on both side of the name), and click “Open”.

7. Start playing the game

7.1 Select the game, and click “Play”

7.2 Start the game

7.2 Submit

8. Check your rewards

Have fun & good luck.

Gauss Aurora Lab
Gold Coast, Australia, 2021




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