Second stage Airdrop — Tutorial to start the game

3 min readDec 10, 2021

Windows startup tutorial

1. Step: Download


Open the browser and enter the following interface:

Download Windows Archive

2. Step: Unzip

Right-click the compressed file to unzip

3. Step: Start node

4. Step: Open a browser to access the dashboard and change the browser configuration

You can directly visit the following URL to easily and quickly access the dashboard page. For details, visit:

If you visit the page, please change the settings of chrome://flags, search for Block insecure private, and make sure to disable “Block insecure private network requests”.

If you visit the page please make sure that you reset your browser’s privacy and site security settings to allow unsafe content.

5. Step: Copy and paste the file hash

View files at this address:

Paste the file hash here and click download

6. Step: Start playing the game

Select the game and click PLAY

Start the game

Hope you enjoy playing.

Gauss Aurora Lab
Gold Coast, Australia, 2021




AuroraFS is a blockchain-based, high-performance global peer-to-peer file system with authorised access control.