Second stage performance test Airdrop event

2 min readDec 9, 2021

The second stage performance test airdrop activity will start on 11 December 2021 as a warm-up. There will be no rewards during the warm-up period and the next stage will officially start on 16 December 2021.

General content of the event:

1. Node deployment.
2. Open the dashboard, enter the game hash or domain name, click download, and the game will start loading.
3. Play the game and submit the game score to the chain. The function of submitting the score will not be open during the warm-up period, just to familiarize yourself with the operation before the official start, and also to standardize the content of the event.

Activity rules:

1. Each player can submit scores up to three times a day and the system selects the highest score submitted on the same day for ranking statistics.
2. You can choose not to submit your score if not satisfied with it.
3. The list is counted at 0 o’clock in the morning every day. The first place is 200 tokens, the second place is 100 tokens, the third place is 50 tokens, and the 4–10 places are 20 tokens. After the 10th place, there are 5 tokens for each person, and there are rewards for the top 300 (please note there will be no token rewards in the warm-up period before 16 December 2021).
4. If someone is found to be cheating, the account will be cleared.

Game interface design:

Gauss Aurora Lab
Gold Coast, Australia, 2021




AuroraFS is a blockchain-based, high-performance global peer-to-peer file system with authorised access control.